Physical Sciences

The School of Physical Sciences (SPS) located in Chiromo Campus occupies two buildings: the Physical Science block and the Chemistry block. The School is part of the former Faculty of Science which was one of the oldest institutions in the University of Nairobi prior to the major restructuring of the University in the early part of 2006.

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The School of Physical Sciences is now composed of the Departments of:

The main degree programs in the School are in these five subject areas. Students are however, free to combine subjects from other schools, namely the School of Mathematics and the School of Biological Sciences .

The School offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  Science is about innovation and discovery. Whether this means advancing knowledge in developing vaccines, designing the next generation of materials, etc., our driving force in the School of Physical Sciences is discovering this new knowledge and passing it on to our students. Our past successes are attributable to the hard work and dedication of our school, staff and students, who contribute to this never-ending process of discovery.

At the School of Physical Sciences , students learn about the Principles of pure science and the exciting worlds of fundamental and applied research. At the frontiers of science, distinguished researchers help students become original thinkers who make their own discoveries in scientific research. The size and scope of the School of Physical Sciences, which comprises of five (5) Departments and interdisciplinary collaborations (local, regional and international), allows us to offer a wide variety of programmes and options in conjunction with other schools (i.e. School of Biological Sciences, School of Mathematics and School of Computing and Informatics) that belong to the wider College of Biological and Physical Sciences (CBPS).

A visit to the various websites of the departments that form the School of Physical Sciences (i.e. Chemistry, Geography and Environmental Studies, Geology, Meteorology and Physics) and the other Schools will provide you a glimpse on the necessary information on the varied options available.

As a relatively new school, we plan to accomplish a great deal and have ambitious plans for the future which include development of new interdisciplinary programmes that are market driven and sensitive to the global trends in innovation research.