Message From Principal

Prof.  Mulaa

The College of Biological & Physical Sciences clearly recognizes its leadership role in teaching, research and product development in basic and applied Sciences. Hence the vision of CBPS is: "To be the premier international African Centre of excellence in pursuit of knowledge generation, preservation, dissemination and application in Science and Technology." The aim is to focus and refocus the efforts of the College to become a Centre of Excellence nationally, regionally and globally. Our approach focuses on institutionalizing an efficient, integrated and inter disciplinary approach to ensure competitiveness and versatility in order to benefit from emerging global trends in Science and Technology.

Also crucial is inter disciplinary training, research and product development in Science and Technology as well as mainstreaming gender party. This will be achieved by the establishment of Centres of excellence in Biotechnology, ICT and Informatics, Materials, Environmental and Space Sciences. To support the latter a Science and technology Park is being established. Our Mission is: "To provide leadership in the pursuit of knowledge in Science and Technology and its application through quality inter disciplinary training, research and consultancy to improve the welfare of humanity."

Prof. Francis J. Mulaa

Principal, CBPS