UON@50: CBPS IN FOCUS: School of Biological Sciences; Highlights of Achievements.

programs in school of biological sciences

The college has dedicated the month of June to host a number of activities to celebrate UoNat 50. One of the activities was CBPS in focus where all the schools highlighted their journey thus far, milestones and achievements.

The Director School of Biological Sciences Dr. Lukhoba highlighted some of the achievements of the school

The student numbers have increased tenfold from about 15 students to over 300 graduates per year;

Increase in physical facilities; the school now has two 2 blocks;

Increase in the number of programs from just one program in 1981 to currently 10 programs;

SBS has 2 accredited labs; mycotoxins lab in 2019 and the Eco toxicological lab that was accredited by pest control products board in 2009;

Other labs at the school are the herbarium and botanic garden and laboratories for various researches like mycology lab.

The school is heavily involved in research: plant taxonomy and economic botany that was headed by the late Prof. Kokwaro; Malaria and entomology studies headed by Prof. Mukhabana; parasitology and research in very many diseases; microbiology led by Prof. Sheila Okoth, Biochemistry led by Prof Kabaru, fisheries led by Prof Muthumbi among others. The school is also involved in environmental conservation. Recently they planted trees led by Dr. Kiboi.

The school recently celebrated and recognized heroes and heroines; Prof. Lucy Irungu the Vice Chancellor Machakos University, Prof. Richard Mibey and Prof. Micheni Ntiba PS State Department for Fisheries

SBS has partnered with many research institutions like Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KARLO), Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), national museums to come up with top notch research by we involving the stakeholders to help in research

Dr. Lukhoba concluded by highlighting the way forward for the school which is to incorporate multidisplinary programs especially in biology which is our strength and the school can put up programs for example in fisheries and insects in collaboration with industry partners.