Mentorship and career services

Mentorship and career services

The Office of Career Services has programs in place to mentor and develop the students technical and soft skills necessary for the evolving job market. The office also strives to train the 21st century skills which are very essential for excellent performance in the job market

The office of the students’ counselor at CBPS and that of the assistant dean of students work in liaison with the Principal’s office in order to carry out mentorship services which include but not limited to the following.

I) Guidance: The counselor also offers guidance services addressing the needs of students in relation to their psychological, social, academic, career growth and development. This is aimed at creating a positive and safe learning environment within the university in order to produce holistic graduates.

ii) Life Skills Training: The office of the Counselor in collaboration with the Principal’s office organizes trainings on various life skills among them, leadership, self-awareness, personality development, self-esteem, stress management, time management, conflict resolutions, relationships among others.

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