Weather and Climate are widely recognized in developmental circles as crucial in the development of any Nation since weather and climate impact on all sectors of economy. Moreover, many of the natural disasters in the world are related to weather and climate.

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Knowledge of weather and climate is necessary if it has to be appropriately factored into National development strategic plan. It is because of the importance of the science of meteorology that the Department of Meteorology of the University of Nairobi was established in 1963 at the request of the East African Community (EAC), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to train professional Meteorologists for the English speaking countries of Africa. Ever since its inception, Department of Meteorology has continued to play a major role in training highly skilled meteorological personnel, most of whom are currently manning National Meteorological Services (NWS) of most countries in Africa. In response to the evolving needs, the Department has developed several other programs in applied fields.

The previous chairman who have headed the Department included

  1. Dr. Franklin J. Opijah (April 2019 - Present) 
  2. Prof. Opere Alfred Owuor( March 2013 - March 2019)
  3. Prof Nzioka J Muthama  (April 2004- March 2013)
  4. Dr Fredrick K Karanja ( April 1998 to March 2004)
  5. Prof Francis M Mutua (1993 - March 1998)
  6. Prof Ogallo Laban A (1987 - 1993)
  7. Prof John K Ng'ang'a (1980 - 1987)
  8. Prof. G.O. Obasi (1976-1980)
  9. Prof. Asnani G.C (1970-1976)

Major milestones

The Department of Meteorology is among the departments in the University with the highest enrolment of foreign students at both undergraduate and graduate levels (20 students were admitted in the year 2012/2013 out of the total number of 68 students).