I20 Coordinating team for first year students

This is  the team responsible for the I20 students' mentorship and guidance.

I20 Coordinating team

  1. Bachelor of Science (I20) students can select units from the following Schools/Departments depending on what you want to specialize in:
  1. School of Biological Sciences
  2. School of Mathematics
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Geography and Environmental studies
  5. Department of Geology
  6. Department of Meteorology
  7. Department of Physics
  1. Bachelor of Science (I20) students must take a minimum of 12 units, which are a combination of three course units from three Schools/Departments, in addition to the three common course units. This is with exception for students intending to register for double mathematics, where they shall register for six (6) mathematics units and another three (3) units from one other School/Departments.
  2. Bachelor of Science (I20) students specialize during the third and fourth years of study in either one or two subject areas in which they registered.
  3. Bachelor of Science (I20) students, who intend to be admitted into Biochemistry after their first year of study, will be required to select units from Chemistry Department and other units from the School of Biological Sciences that is, Botany/Zoology units and School of Mathematics. This is a competitive programme which admits only the best thirty (30) first year students who have fulfilled the requirements. Students admitted to this programme will in addition to the one year taken at the School of Physical Sciences, take an additional four (4) years. Thus, in total the students take a total of five (5) years.


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