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2014/2015 Academic Year

Department of Chemistry

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Effects Of Sand Harvesting On River-water Quality: Case Study Of Iuuma River, Kivaa Ward, Machakos County. Isika Daniel Kasungi 2014/2015 View Details
Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Total Chlorogenic Acids In Green Coffee Beans Kioko John Mutua 2014/2015 View Details
Indoor Air Pollution: Analysis Of Emissions From Various Cooking Stoves David Ng’ang’a 2014/2015 View Details
Assessment Of Atmospheric Deposition Of Heavy Metals Nutrients And Particulate Matter In Air And Soil Around Chiromo Campus Faith Suter 2014/2015 View Details
Assessment Of Heavy Metals And Nutrients In Dandora Estate Sewerage Treatment Works Mercy Baraza 2014/2015 View Details
Optimization Of Essential Oil Extraction From Eucalyptus Grandis Leaves By Clevenger Distillation Mwabili Gift Kasha 2014/2015 View Details
Testing The Performance Of Doped Copper Photocatalyst In Disinfection Of E. Coli In Drinking Water Violet Awour 2014/2015 View Details
Phytochemical Investigation Of Uvaria Scheffleri Aerial Parts For Antiplasmodial And Antimicrobial Compounds Sulwey Dennis Ogonjo 2014/2015 View Details
Characterization Of Organic Matter In Water Treatment Plants Ouko Allan Robert 2014/2015 View Details
Virtual Screening Of Antiplasmodial Natural Products Using Cadd Against Pfdhodh Michael Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details
Analysis Of Sludge From Municipal Waste Water Treatment Process Njeje Zephania Ochieng Ogutu 2014/2015 View Details
Analysis Of The Quality Of The Yatta Canal Water For Drinking And Irrigation Use John Julius Mutua 2014/2015 View Details
A Comparative Study Of Petroleum Fuels In Nairobi And Mombasa County Mwai Esther Nyawira 2014/2015 View Details
Presence Of Arsenic, Lead And Zinc In The Cleaning Process Of Returnable Glass Bottles And Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of The Chelating Agent Used Francis Mburu Kamau 2014/2015 View Details
Phytochemical Investigation Of Uvaria Scheffleri Roots For Antiplasmodial And Antimicrobial Compounds Ogello Seth Okoth 2014/2015 View Details
Phytochemical Investigation Of Tephrosia Pumila Roots For Anti-pain Principles. Ochieng Kevin Omondi 2014/2015 View Details

Department of Geology

2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
The Impact Of Waste Water Injection On Induced Seismicity And Potential Implications In Kenya Ambasa Watson Agenyera 2014/2015 View Details
A Review Of Formation Damage In Petroleum Reservoirs: A Case Study Of Oguendjo Block,gabon And Lokichar Basin, Kenya Angengo Janice Heliana 2014/2015 View Details
Multi-element Analysis Of Soil Extracts Using Inductively Coupled Plasma (icp) And X-ray Fluoresence: A Case Study Of Khayega Area Awiti Cheryl Oballa 2014/2015 View Details
Structure, Evolution And Petroleum Potential Of Muglad Rift Basin, South Sudan Deng Jacob Jok 2014/2015 View Details
The Landslide Hazards Of Mt.elgon Benjamin Atieno Opiyo 2014/2015 View Details
The Dynamics Of Landslides In Kenya And The Conceptualisation Of A Landslide Early System Dennis Njenga Kamanga 2014/2015 View Details
Mitigation, Management And Flood Control In Nairobi Derrick Michieka Nchore 2014/2015 View Details
Fault Seal Analysis And Prediction: Reducing Uncertainties Associated With Faults In Hydrocarbon Basin Francis Njuki Mwangi 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Steam Injections And Microseismicity In The Exploration Of Oil: Successes And Challenges Kamau Diana Wambui 2014/2015 View Details
Economic Potential Of Methane Gas In Olkaria’s North East And East Geothermal Fields Karen. N. Masila 2014/2015 View Details
Characteristics Of Earthquakes Located In The Magadi Area, Kenya. Kibos Kevin Kiplagat 2014/2015 View Details
Corals As An Environmental Change Indicator Komboh Caroline Kerubo 2014/2015 View Details
Cation Exchange Capabilities Of Natural Zeolites In The Remediation Of River Kirichwa Malidzo Joshua C. 2014/2015 View Details
Integration Of Silicon Chips Into Rock And Mineral Identification Processes Mjomba Peter Kefa 2014/2015 View Details
Potential For Carbon Dioxide Geosequestration In Kenya: A Suitability Analysis Of The Lamu Basin Mnyika Godwin Mzumbi 2014/2015 View Details
Comparison Between Sapphire Deposits In Kenya, Madagascar And Tanzania; A Case Study Of Dusi Mine, Andranondambo Mine, And Tunduru Mine Mung’atia Grace Mwende 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Geothermal Drilling On The Chemistry Of Ground Water: Case Study The South Rift System In Kenya: Olkaria Geothermal Fields Nzioka Joy Mutheu 2014/2015 View Details
Groundwater Potential Of Gwasi Area Odhiambo Dave 2014/2015 View Details
Nairobi Groundwater: Aquifer Recharge And Discharge Rate Ombewa George Gudah 2014/2015 View Details
Application Of Gis In Oil And Gas Exploration: Play Analysis Using Gis Techniques In Block L2 In Lamu Basin Otieno Kennedy Tom 2014/2015 View Details
Effects Of Sedimentation On Water Quality Within Winam-gulf Otieno Walter Obuya 2014/2015 View Details
The Self-hardening Property Of Laterites Otuoma Geoffrey Kennedy 2014/2015 View Details
Implications Of Shear Zones On Natural Resource Mapping Paul Everlyn Mutheu 2014/2015 View Details
Drilling And Production Induced Instability Of Hyddrocarbon Formations Shariff Naima Awo 2014/2015 View Details
Manganese Mineralisation In Metamorphic Terrains: Case Study Nguuni Area, Makueni County Songa Mercy Atieno 2014/2015 View Details
Sitation Of A Geological Nuclear Repository Of The Proposed Kenya Nuclear Power Plant (npp) Kevin Namasaka Wanjala 2014/2015 View Details
Evaluation Of The Groundwater Potential In Isinya Area, Isinya District Of Kajiado County Isah Oteba Said 2014/2015 View Details
The Plio-pleistocene History Of Sedimentation In Lake Baringo Basin, Kenya - A Drill Core Perspective Njagi Dennis Muriithi 2014/2015 View Details

Department of Meteorology

2014/2015 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
The Role Of Boundary Between The Easterlies And Westerlies Of Midlatitude To Rainfall Prediction Over Tanzania Masigani Godbless John 2014/2015 View Details
Identification Of Rainfall Regimes Over Western Kenya Weyusia Francis Boniface 2014/2015 View Details
The Relationship Between The Major Climate Monitoring Indices And Their Connection With Rainfall In Southern Part Of Tanzania Kitero Beatrice Staford 2014/2015 View Details
Adaptation Strategies Against Impacts Of Climate Change By Sengwer Indegenous People Of Kapcherop Through Domestic Gravity Water Supply And Bee Keeping Commercialization Aketch Elisha 2014/2015 View Details

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