MR.NDARU, Elias Kivuti, Speech

The Chancellor, Vice- Chancellor, D.VC’s, Principals of Colleges, UoN fraternity, fellow graduands, invited guests, ladies and gentlemen

Good morning,

My life in campus was full of challenges, ups and downs throughout the four academic years. This meant I had to make choices that helped me succeed. By the grace of God and support from many people, the institution, the Government of Kenya, in addition to hard work, and the choices I made, I have been able to reach this far and get these good results.

I would like to thank God for the gift of life He has given unto me and everyone else as a whole. He has been there for me in both times of happiness and sorrow. Secondly, I thank my community for being supportive throughout my entire education life.

Thirdly,  I thank the people who brought me here on earth -my late father  Mr Ndaru, my mother Mrs. Ndaru,  and my brothers and sisters who stood with me and encouraged me throughout my time at the University. Special mention goes to my mother for being there for me as I grew up which has been a difficult task for her considering unlimited immediate challenges that faced her after my father passed away.

I would also like to recognise the people who have nurtured me for the last four years; University of Nairobi Staff who provided a home away from home. Thank you for giving me a chance to study and to be part of this institution; for the skills and knowledge you imparted on us, helping us to be resilient even when faced with  difficult situations. Special thanks go to the Staff of the Department of Chemistry for the support and care you gave us.

I would like to recognize my classmates and other students, friends and relatives for their support and encouragement. Thank you Main Campus Christian Union (MCCU) for providing another home for me while in campus which kept me holy.

I would also like to share a word with all my fellow graduands and prospective students. To graduands –Albert Einstein a renowned physicist who said that “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving. Abdul Kalam a Scientist said that excellence is a continuous process and not an accident”.

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