Award Winning Books & Autobiographies


  Title and brief description Author Availability
1 Capacity Building and Institutional Development in Higher Education in Kenya.  S.O. Wandiga, (1997) International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) UNESCO 1997.
2 Effects of botanical composition, soil origin and composition on mineral concentrations in dry season pastures in Western Kenya.  Jumba I.O., Suttle, N.F, Hunter, E.A. and Wandiga, S.O. (1996). In Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Eds. J.O. Appleton, R. Fuge and G.J.H. Mc Call. Geological Society special publication No. 113. Geological Society Publishing House, U.K.
3  Water, water everywhere and when found not fit for drink. In: Aspects of African Biodiversity. Proceedings of the Pan Africa Chemistry Network Biodiversity Conference. . Shem O. Wandiga (2010). RSC Publishing, London


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