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Titlesort icon Course Code Course Hours Semester Year
Computational Methods in Geology SGL 540
Economic Mineral Deposits SGL 511
Engineering Geology SGL 515
Environmental Geology SGL 508
Exploration Geochemistry SGL 513
Exploration Geophysics SGL 514
Geodynamics and Plate Tectonics SGL 538
Geological Field Mapping SGL 509
Geological Thermodynamics SGL 524
Geophysical Field Project SGL 532
Geophysical Interpretation SGL 530
Groundwater Modelling SGL 518
Hydrogeology SGL 517
Igeneous Petrology SGL 502
Industrial Minerals and Rocks SGL 533
Inverse Theory for Geophysical Applications SGL 528
Isotope Geology SGL 520
Marine Geology SGL 519
Metallogeny, Metallogenic Epochs and Provinces SGL 536
Metamorphic Petrology SGL 503
Methods of Geophysical Analysis SGL 529
Micropalaentology SGL 523
Mineral Economics SGL 535
Mineralogy and crystallography SGL 501
Oceanography Introduction. SGL 516
Ore Mineralogy and Ore Microscopy SGL 512
Ore Reserve Estimation and Grade Control SGL 534
Palynology SGL 507
Petroleum Geochemistry SGL 539
Petroleum Geology SGL 521
Photogeology and Remote Sensing SGL 510
Research Methodology SGL 541
Research Project (Dissertation) SGL 542
Sedimentary Basins and Basin Analysis SGL 537
Sedimentary Petrology and SedimentologyGeneral concepts SGL 504
Seismic Data Analysis and Interpretation SGL 526
Seismological Instrumentation and Networks SGL 531
Seismology Stress SGL 525
Solid Earth Geophysics SGL 527
StratigraphyPrinciples and scope of Stratigraphy. SGL 506
Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics SGL 505

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